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Deep tissue massage

(Soft Tissue Rehabilitation)

  • “The Grand” Deep Tissue Massage
  • “The Four Directions”Myo-fascial -Release & Massage.
  • “The Wounded Warrior” Deep Tissue Massage with Localized Contrasting
  • “The Tune-Up” Seated Massage Therapy

Stress release

(Injury Prevention & Stress Management)

  • “The Indulge”Therapeutic Massage
  • “Signature”Deluxe Therapeutic Massage
  • “Earth’s Touch”Hot Stone Massage
  • “Peaceful Mind” Relaxation & Wellness Massage
  • “7 Sacred Directions” Stress Release Massage with Aromatherapy Oils

Detoxifying Treatments

(Cleansing & Renewing Hydrotherapy)

  • “Sacred Rain” Immune Boosting – Full Body Salt Friction Treatment
  • “Ancestral ‘Mud’ icinals” Detoxifying Mud-Wrap Treatment
  • “Sweat Lodge Ceremony” Cleansing Full Body Contrast Treatment
  • “Mountain Rain Ritual” Rain’s Ultimate Health Treatment

Family / Other  Massage Treatments

(Registered Massage Therapy)

  • Sk’wuy “Mother” Pregnancy Massage
  • “Northern Lights” Elderly Massage
  • “Warriors of the Rainbow”Youth Massage (Kids & Teens)
  • “ASMR Massage” Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Massage

Treatment Enhancements. 

(These add-ons do not add extra time)  

  • The “Silent” treatment     
  • Hot Stone Enhancement
  • Custom Aromatherapy
  • Headache Relief
  • Face a’Lush
  • War Paint Scrub (Feet, Hands, or Back)
  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna